Games to Play with 2 Year Olds for Halloween?

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I know 2 year olds, especially those that just turned 2, can’t really play organized games but are there any activities that I can do for a little Halloween party? Thanks! Kathleen – I would also love ideas for Halloween food! Thank you!



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3 thoughts on “Games to Play with 2 Year Olds for Halloween?

  1. easy halloween crafts (
    dance to cute halloween music
    put together a treat bag with snacks that are not full of sugar
    have a costume party and give a prize to the best costume
    pin the tail on the black cat or pin the hat or broom on the witch (or use a piece of tape rolled up on the back side of the hat/broom/tail
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    mommy of 2 and child care provider

  2. I have had a group of preschoolers over to trick or treat at our house every year for about 4 years. The first couple, the kids were pooped just from trick or treating, but last year I added some games. We played pin the eye on the ghost (I made this from butcher paper – drew a ghost and cut out black construction paper eyes) and bobbed for apples (got a shallow tub from Target). I raffled off some prizes (I just couldn’t pick best costumes, etc – it was too hard). To be honest, I lost the little ones after trick or treating, but had some older brothers and sisters that loved the extra games. The little ones LOVED the bobbing for apples though. Anything I did, I’d do BEFORE trick or treating – you kind of lose out to all that candy – ha ha

    Good luck. I also have some REALLY cute ideas for "spooky" Halloween food if you’d like them.

    EDIT: Halloween foods (this will be long, sorry)

    Pumpkin cheese ball –
    8 oz cream cheese
    Italian parmesan seasoning
    red & yellow (or orange) food coloring

    Cream the cheese with the seasoning. Add food coloring to get a good "pumpkin" color. Chill. Remove from Fridge & roll into a squaty ball. Use toothpick to create "ridges" like pumpkin. Use a bit of a pretzel rod to create stem. Cut out eyes, nose & mouth (triangles & semi circle) for face. Serve with Wheat Thins.

    Ghosts on Broomsticks:

    White chocolate chips
    small pretzel sticks
    mini chocolate chips
    Multi colored fruit snacks

    Melt white chocolate in microwave. Use spoon to make "ghostly" figure on pretzel stick. Add chocolate chips for eyes/mouth. Cut out 1 inch of fruit snack. Wrap around end of pretzel stick and "fringe" for end of broomstick.

    Tombstone Brownies

    Make pan of brownies according to package – Line pan with tin foil first. Cut out as many brownies as you can with your tombstone cookie cutter. Melt frosting in microwave – add food coloring to make a silver/gray color. Pour over brownies.

    Make your graveyard in a 9X13 or bigger pan. Dye coconut green for your graveyard grass. Add gummie worms & candy corn pumpkins – Lay Brownies in graveyard and decorate with gel pen "RIP" or Here lies ____"

    These are just a few of my favorites…I have to find all my pictures and I’ll try to email the coordinating pics to you if you allow email….
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  3. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin or using a flashlight try to create silhouettes with your hands of creatures, rabbits, mice, birds and frogs, etc… on the wall. Let the children try it as well. The other children have to try and guess what the object is.
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