Dramatic Play for Preschoolers – Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial

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This SUPERBOWL 2011 Volkswagen commercial was a favorite! It shows the power of a preschooler at play. Young children love to play dress-up and pretend that they are someone else. Imaginative play allows them to ‘try on’ adult roles that may seem scary and overpowering to them in their small world.

As children play they express their thoughts, fears, feelings, and ideas with language. Through the use of language they practice social skills, negotiating and cooperative  skills, and conflict resolution techniques  with other children and teachers.  They draw on past experiences to solve problems and develop an  understanding of new concepts.

This commercial shows a little boy in full dramatic play mode where he truly believes that he has power like his super hero Darth Vader. Having a dress-up or housekeeping corner in your preschool or early childhood setting is an important part of your program. Fill it with costumes and adult sized items such as hats, shoes, capes and props in addition to child-sized items including dishes and tools, baby dolls and community helper outfits. To keep it interesting rotate items out each month and put new things in – keep changing it so the children can explore as many roles as possible. One day they may want to be a doctor and the next perhaps a construction worker like dad. The dramatic play area is also a great Rainy Day PreK activity for kids!

Enjoy the commercial again !!!


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