Rain, Rain Go Away……

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“Rain, rain go away …..  come again another day.

Little Suzie wants to play, rain, rain go away!”


This song is sung at preschools and daycare centers around the world when it is raining outside.  Rainy days are perceived as gloomy, depressing, low energy days.  That old perception is very easy to change and by doing so will teach your preschool-aged children about positive thinking and will also make that rainy day feel like a sunny summer afternoon!


Music can change the mood of everyone.  Start by changing the songs you sing on rainy days!  Put on some upbeat and silly music that will create a new energy in the room.  Children respond to music with great enthusiasm, movement and laughter.  It is so powerful that some physicians actually prescribe music-therapy to  patients suffering from depression.


In addition to upbeat music, being prepared ahead of time for inclement weather days (snowstorms, excessive heat, freezing temperatures, high pollution index and rain) the children in your care will have a wonderful time and you will be equipped with a great strategy for dealing with the rainy day blues rather than dreading the long day stuck indoors with a group of rambunctious preschoolers and toddlers.      


Rainy Day PreK’ is a source for teachers, parents and caregivers to find rainy day activities for kids that are educational, entertaining and easy to implement.  Please feel free to add your great ideas to share with our community.  Cabin fever is very real and can make everyone irritable, restless or frustrated but having a plan in hand is just the right medicine to cure it!





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