ABC Kids Games for Pre-Schoolers : What’s in the Box?: Preschool Games

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Put different items in a box, and have kids feel around and figure out what they are in this game called “What’s in the Box?” A fun game for preschool kids or little children in this free video!

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This is a very versatile game that you can play with young children anytime but especially on rainy days!! You can use a shoe box with a hole cut out or a paper bag.  You can tie the game into any theme you like or just use random objects that you find around your center or home.  If you are working on a shape unit, place items of a various shapes and ask the child what shape he or she can identify (round ball, square dice, triangle block, etc…)

For an Alphabet Theme or abc kids game you can tie the game into your ‘letter of the week’ activities and place items in the bag that begin with a specific letter that they can identify without too much trouble. Some letters will be more difficult. 

A = airplane, apple, animal crackers, etc.

I = ice cubes, ice cream cone, ice pop, igloo toy, etc. 

Z = zipper, zebra toy, zoo animals, etc.

Adding some snacks or sensory items (prickly, furry, cold, scented,) makes it very interesting for the children.  Also, adding a new toy or an item that will lead into the next activity is also fun.  If you will be painting that day you could put in some new paint brushes or if you are going to bake or cook something you could put a special ingrediant in the bag as a clue.  The ideas can be endless!  If you have played the game or have an idea please share below.

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3 thoughts on “ABC Kids Games for Pre-Schoolers : What’s in the Box?: Preschool Games

  1. Cool game for …
    Cool game for tactile discrimination. I’ve used it with visually impaired students for pre-braille activities.

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