Fun Play Doh Tips: Mix-Ins

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Play-Doh is a great sensory motor tool for children in preschool who are working on strengthening and developing their fine motor skills.  It is an awesome rainy day activity for kids and in fact at our daycare we saved it for inclement weather days to make it more special and something to look forward to.  We also would make our own homemade dough on color days (flour recipe below) and add green food coloring for green day or blue food coloring for blue day, etc. 

Mix-ins are just some fun things to add into the play-doh to make it even more of a sensory experience.  You can add a variety of food extracts (one at a time) to tickle the children’s noses!  Vanilla or Almond Extract offers a calm soothing scent.  Peppermint or orange citrus offers a brisk tingle and is great for mid-afternoon play when kids may need a mental energy boost.  For a new touch texture you can add in sand, salt or glitter for a little sparkle effect.  Strengthening those little finger and hand muscles is an important developmental process. 

Craft stores have a variety of oils for simmering to scent your home.  A few drops of apple-cinnamon or the scent of roses make for refreshing manipulative fun! You can’t help but join in and enjoy the aromas! If you have a favorite activity that your children enjoy for fine motor skills enhancement please feel free to share below! 


HOMEMADE Play Doh Recipe:

1 cup flour
1 cup boiling water
2 tbsp. cream of tartar
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
Food coloring
Mix and knead together.
This playdoh is not sticky and does not dry out.

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