Halloween Story Time Alleviates Halloween Fears for Preschoolers

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Preschool Story Time


Halloween Books for Preschool : Reading Halloween stories to your young children is fun and entertaining.  More importantly though, it helps to take away many fears that young children may have at this time of year.  As summer changes into autumn, the scenery begins to change too.  Soon there are scarecrows and pumpkins everywhere to welcome in the new season.  There are also many signs of Halloween as well.  Monsters and Witches and Zombies oh my!  These images are very frightening to young children – even elementary kids tend to have a scare.  There are many books written with the young child in mind – they present Halloween in a fun or silly way.  Reading helps to familiarize kids with the images they will see out in the real world.  A story about 10 Little Witches will help alleviate Halloween fears of witch images they may come upon.  Or a finger play about 5 Little Mummies can bring smiles instead of tears when they see Mummy decorations about.  So visit your local library or bookstores and enjoy some spooky yet silly Halloween stories together.


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