Recommend a Board Game for an Advanced Toddler?

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Activities for 3 year olds: My son will be turning 3 next month. I want to get him a board game, but the problem with board games that are meant for his age, is that he already knows his ABC’s (upper and lowercase) and how to count to 20. (Known since he was 20 months old.) He gets bored with things he already knows, and games that are meant for kids ages 6 and over are a bit too much for him. Do you know any ABC kids games that are in-between? Anything that teaches counting over 20, and how to put letters together to form small words.



My daughter just turned 3 and is also advanced.Her favorite board game is “Chutes and Ladders” and she also likes the memory game. I know it isn’t a board game but it does cover what you’re looking for.We bought our daughter a V-Smile for Xmas and it has some wonderful games that do all the things you’re looking for. And they are age appropriate starting with activities for 2 year olds and going up. My daughter loves the Thomas game as well as the alphabet game (abc kids games) …Just a thought because I know how hard it is when you have an advanced toddler to find something that keeps teaching them without boring them… M.G

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